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UAE Cryptocurrency Exchange Acquires Domain for $500,000

According to media reports, the word-combination domain has recently changed ownership, accompanied by a video showing the completion of the transaction with $500,000 in cash.

The domain was originally registered in June 2012. However, the previous domain owner failed to renew it, leading to its deletion on September 2, 2018. The domain was then re-registered and eventually sold for $500,000 recently. The updated Whois record shows that the domain was transferred on July 12th this year, indicating the completion of the transaction on that day.

The buyer of this domain is Sheikh Amin Hossein from Dubai, United Arab Emirates, while the seller is Alessandro De Stasio, the founder and CEO of Artscapy.

The domain name, which implies “cryptocurrency service desk,” is highly suitable for projects in the cryptocurrency field. Currently, accessing the domain redirects to the website, which is described as a cryptocurrency exchange platform in the UAE.

This acquisition and use of marks the platform’s branding upgrade.

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